Can You caulk around a cracked bathtub?

Can you use the bathroom after caulk is applied?

  • After caulking the bathroom, wet your finger and run it along the bead of caulking to remove any extra caulk. After you are content with the caulking job—and while the caulk is still wet—remove the tape. DON’T use the bathroom until the caulk has cured.

How do you use painter's tape to caulk a bathtub?

  • Laying down painter’s tape will ensure you don’t end up with caulk where it shouldn’t be. Put two parallel strips of painter’s tape along the joint about 3/8 inch apart. Now that your seam is spotless and the tub protected with tape, it’s time to pull out the caulk gun.

What kind of caulk do you use on a fiberglass tub?

  • For fiberglass bathtubs, silicone caulk is usually the best to use. It comes in a limited color palette and is difficult to smooth, yet is very flexible. For ceramic tubs, acrylic latex can be used. It is easier to clean up than silicone and is available in several colors, but some brands are much less durable than silicone caulk.

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image-Can You caulk around a cracked bathtub?
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