Does Ozark Trail have a warranty?

Is Ozark Trail owned by Walmart?

Ozark Trail (brand name), a private-label brand name owned by Wal-Mart. ...

Is Ozark Trail a Chinese company?

Ozark Trail coolers and tumblers, bottles and other products are all manufactured overseas – predominately in China. The products say “made in China” on them and this is why they are able to sell them at such an affordable price. ... Ozark Trail is a white label brand owned by Walmart and sold in Walmart stores.

What is the warranty on Ozark Trail tents?

Limited 6 month warranty – Ozark Trail WMT-1410 User Manual.

Are Ozark Trail backpacks waterproof?

Not everyone needs this feature, but it's nice to have if you are often caught in inclement weather. The Ozark Trail backpacks we reviewed were water-resistant, which we found to be useful when caught in a rainstorm. Your camping gear will stay dry, but these backpacks are not completely waterproof.

image-Does Ozark Trail have a warranty?
image-Does Ozark Trail have a warranty?

Is Ozark as good as Yeti?

The Ozark Trail coolers are about half the price of a Yeti cooler and while they are good cooler for the price they don't hold ice as long, aren't built quite as well and have some common issues like warping in the sunlight. Despite some shortcomings there are stilla . great option for the budget conscious shopper.


Is Yeti and Ozark Trail the same company?

No, Yeti and Ozark Trail coolers are not made by the same company. Yeti makes their own coolers in the Philippines and China while Ozark Trail coolers are made exclusively in China. The coolers are extremely different in look, size, shape and quality.


Is Lowe's owned by Walmart?

Although Walmart does own an impressive number of brands both in the US and beyond, the company does not own Lowes. The hardware brand is a publicly-traded company that does not have a majority shareholder. Walmart owns no shares. So, Lowes operates independently of Walmart.


Are Ozark Trail knives any good?

The Handle is very much durable, More durable and Sturdy than the Frost cutlery series and this is not Frost Cutlery. ... THe handle is Got the Perfect Curvator to feel Comfortable in your hand and usable no matter what you do with it. Its stainless steel and sharpens pretty well, as well as Cuts worth a hoot for a dollar.


Can I return a tent to Walmart?

Yes, you can return a tent to Walmart without a receipt as long as it has the original packaging, is in unused condition, and the return is made within the 90-day window.

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