How can I light up my front garden?

How do I illuminate the front of my house?

  • Illuminating the front of your house should be aiming to achieve 4 key aims: 1 Direct your visitors to the front door 2 Accent the features of your front garden 3 Highlight the architecture of your house 4 Provide effective home security More ...

What are the best ways to decorate your home with modern lighting?

  • Modern lighting can be used to create some pretty amazing effects, like the diamond pattern on the exterior wall of this house. If you have a large blank wall near the entrance of your home, place some lights in a formation like this you will have a brilliant surprise for guests at nighttime.

How to decorate the front of your house for Halloween?

  • Wall sconces, hanging porch lights or outdoor lanterns can be the main source of light around the front door area and don’t forget to highlight the house number too so that people can find you easily during the hours of darkness. From pavement to the front entrance

image-How can I light up my front garden?
image-How can I light up my front garden?
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