What is a Smurf cable?

Why is it called a Smurf tube?

The most common type, Flex-Plus Blue ENT, is manufactured by Carlon, Cleveland, Ohio. Workers nicknamed it “smurf tube” because of its distinctive blue color. ENT was designed as an in-building product (see Article 362 of 2002 NEC).Apr 4, 2008

Is Smurf a tube ent?

ENT Conduit (Smurf Tube)

What's Romex?

Romex is the trade name for a type of electrical conductor with non-metallic sheathing that is commonly used as residential branch wiring. ... Romex™ is a common type of residential wiring that is categorized by the National Electrical Code (NEC) as underground feeder (UF) or non-metallic sheathed cable (NM and NMC).

What is MC cable electrical?

A Metal Clad Cable, also referred to as MC Cable, is a corrosion-resistant metal cable containing insulated copper or aluminum connectors.Jan 13, 2019

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image-What is a Smurf cable?

Can you bury a Smurf tube?

Article 362 of the 2002 National Electrical Code, Uses not Permitted, prohibits ENT from being direct buried. ... See Section 362.12(9) of the 2002 National Electrical Code. Carlon make Liquid tight Flexible Nonmetallic Conduit (Carflex), which is listed by UL for use outdoors (Article 356).


What is blue conduit used for?

Nonmetallic Conduit

Blue electrical nonmetal tubing (ENT) is for indoor use only. Some code-compliant PVC fittings can be used with ENT inside walls, floors, some ceilings or encased in concrete.


What is ENT conduit used for?

1.1 Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing (ENT), is designed to replace EMT, flexible metal conduit or other raceway or cable systems, for installation in accordance with Article 331 of the National Electrical Code, other applicable sections of the Code, and local codes.


What is an ent box Electrical?

Carlon® ENT is a light, flexible and strong non-metallic raceway system for use in walls, floors and non-plenum ceilings.


How do you cut ENT tubing?

To cut with a tubing cutter, position it around the conduit so that the blade is centered over your mark and then tighten the knob until it is snug. Rotate the cutter around the conduit. Tighten the conduit a little more with every rotation until the conduit has been cut through.


Why is Romex illegal?

Staffers there said house wiring known by the brand name Romex can be dangerous if the insulation is gnawed by rodents or punctured by nails. They said the flexible insulation on the cable lacks the protection of conduit, the rigid metal tubes that encase wires.Dec 20, 1996


Is Romex illegal?

Romex (NM) is listed for its use and is accepted throughout the United States. It just happens that IL doesn't allow it in most of their State.Jun 9, 2005


Why is Romex so expensive?

These price increases are due to factors such as China's economic recovery from the pandemic, sustainable green energy stimuluses, and supply disruptions. China's rising industrial production along with aggressive sustainable energy initiatives accredits the country to being the highest consumer of copper in the world.Feb 17, 2021


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