What is the verb for plastering?

What does plastered all over the front page mean?

  • The story was plastered all over (= printed so that it completely covered) the front page of the newspaper. She has plastered her bedroom walls with posters of pop singers. In these structures the dome is made from a thin shell of curving timber members sandwiched between leadwork and plaster.

How many steps are there in plastering?

  • There are six steps to plastering: 1 1st coat of plaster 2 2nd coat of plaster 3 Flatten your plaster 4 1st trowel over 5 2nd trowel 6 Final polish

How do you keep a plaster work area clean?

  • Lay out drop-cloths to keep your work area clean. Some cheap canvas sheeting or a couple plastic tarps will provide a barrier against dust, spills, and muddy mortar footprints. Plastering can get pretty messy, so this simple measure can spare you an exhaustive cleanup process later on.

image-What is the verb for plastering?
image-What is the verb for plastering?
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