Which worms are best for composting?

How to make your own composter for worms?

  • Drill Holes in One Coffee Can Lid. I drilled a hole in the center of the lid and then six more around it in a hexagon pattern.
  • Drill Several Holes in Two of the Coffee Cans. The holes don't have to be in a symmetrical pattern,but you want enough to allow for drainage. ...
  • Insert the Dowels in the Holes Around the Edge. ...

How many worms do I need for my compost bin?

  • However, just because it is fun to know roughly how many worms are in your worm herd: most worm composters use the estimate of 1000 red wiggler worms in one pound. Therefore, if you have 4 lbs of composting worms in your vermicompost bin, that means you have around 4,000 worms working for you!

How do you feed compost worms?

  • Worms eat tiny, invisible, bacteria that feed on the food scraps that you add to your vermicomposting bin. The worms also eat the food scraps and worm bin bedding. You can feed your composting worms any vegetable food scraps including egg shells and coffee grounds.

image-Which worms are best for composting?
image-Which worms are best for composting?
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