Why do you need a wire closet system?

What can you do with a closet over the door?

  • From clothes- and shoe-oriented products to shelving storage to over-the-door options, a neat closet is within reach. You can even consider carrying some of these pieces over for laundry organization.

What kind of storage is available at Lowes?

  • From laundry rooms to garages, creating a neat and tidy space in any area of your home should be easy and affordable. That’s why Lowe’s offers a variety of storage and organization products, like wall shelving and cube storage, to meet your needs without breaking the bank.

What to do with clutter in your closet?

  • You can certainly add a closet kit to corral clutter, but there are also smaller solutions when it comes to putting your belongings in their place. If your shoe collection exceeds the allotted space in your closet, consider under bed shoe storage.

image-Why do you need a wire closet system?
image-Why do you need a wire closet system?
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